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Whenever I share an image that I have created I feel a bit vulnerable. Each image I create is a part of me…a part that want people to look at, to like and to enjoy. Do you relate to that?

I read a great article today at “The Creative Instinct” titled “Dare to be Disliked“. Andrew Leigh, the author, discusses the following idea: “When it comes to your creative output, if you want to be loved, learn to be loathed.”

I found his writing to be liberating.

Thank you, Andrew.


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Feel Stuck?

Sometimes (like now) I go through phases where I feel stuck, unable to move. My “to do” list is overwhelming and feels impossible. I have tasks I don’t want to tackle.

Today I read a great post over at SoloStream.com. It’s all about “getting unstuck”. The writer give some practical, helpful suggestions….check it out.

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An American VetI just learned about photojournalist David Burnett. It amazes me how each of his images tell a story. I think I will be studying his photos for awhile…

The photo on the left is one out of his “D-Day Beaches, Normandy” portfolio. The caption for the photo readsAn American vet sits on Omaha Beach, with years of memories. “


>>David’s blog

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I was up late last night studying the tutorials on Planet Neil . It is such an excellent site with so much practical information. The photographer who owns the site, Neil van Niekerk, is truly a pro willing to share his wisdom & experience. It’s great stuff!

Visit Planet Neil today!

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New Site Favorites

Thanks to www.Strobist.com I have a couple of new favorite sites to visit.

The first, is Get Rich Slowly. Although the blog author is a photography buff, it’s not really a photography site. It gives great practical tips on getting out of debt, and managing your finances.

Second, is Malaysia Wedding Photographer – Robin NG’s blog. I love this guy’s style & personality. He really seems to love his job and enjoys working with his clients. I find visiting his site inspirational.

That’s it for now….

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Carol Guzy

India image by Carol GuzyThis morning while visiting a site I frequent, I learned of three time Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Carol Guzy. Before today, I didn’t know her name but am familiar with many of her subjects. Guzy has photographed the very famous including Muhammed Ali to the not so famous like a young autistic boy named Alex. With her camera and words, she has chronicled wars, conflicts, Mother Teresa’s funeral and the everyday.

I spent some time this morning looking at her photos and studying the faces. Guzy has truly captured the human experience (and continues to do).

In her own words:

“Photographers spend a lot of time looking for the right light. But the most important light we glimpse and attempt to capture is the radiance within every being.”

“A photograph can be a powerful witness and an eloquent voice for those who have none. Pictures inform, educate, enlighten, captivate, spur governments into action. They are historical documents and poignant reminders of our human frailties. Sometimes they touch our very souls.”

Even if you are not a photographer, take a moment, read about her and view her images. They will broaden your perspective – they have mine.

note: the image in this post was taken by Carol Guzy. You can view it in context at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/poy/carol/love/11.htm

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Mediastorm is a multimedia site that hosts projects created by photographers, journalists, videographers, etc. These are story telling projects – moving and beautiful. As a new photographer, I found it interesting that many of the videos were made with still photos and audio only – something that I hope to someday succeed at…and maybe even submit my own project.

I personally found the story “The Sandwich Generation” very touching – I could relate.


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