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Learning to Light…

I just learned of a great site for learning how to light and make better photos…Sublime Light

Tim Solley, photographer & blog author, is running a great series titled, “Portrait Lighting for Beginners“. Thank you, Tim!


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I just finished reading a great article on histograms. If your camera shows a histogram or you use photoshop, you may find this article helpful in explaining what they are and how to use them. It’s a pretty quick read and provides excellent info….

Visit single-serving photo to read “Histograms: Huh?”

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Lighting Video

Scott Kelby – the photoshop guru – has great video about setting up inexpensive portable “studio lighting”.
Check it out here…great stuff!

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I have been taking an online portrait class from www.betterphoto.com. This last week we have been learning about using reflectors to fill in the shadows &/or add some artistic touches in a portrait.

Here is a shot taken without a reflector with side lighting from a window…

Here is a similar portrait with the reflector…

It has been fun playing around with this….

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