“I am Batman”



Feel Stuck?

Sometimes (like now) I go through phases where I feel stuck, unable to move. My “to do” list is overwhelming and feels impossible. I have tasks I don’t want to tackle.

Today I read a great post over at SoloStream.com. It’s all about “getting unstuck”. The writer give some practical, helpful suggestions….check it out.


No prompting needed for this….saying “Cheese” just comes naturally…

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Radio Flyer
“Radio Flyer” (larger image)

Have you visited Jason’s blog yet to see the other entries for this week? Go there now….


David Burnett

An American VetI just learned about photojournalist David Burnett. It amazes me how each of his images tell a story. I think I will be studying his photos for awhile…

The photo on the left is one out of his “D-Day Beaches, Normandy” portfolio. The caption for the photo readsAn American vet sits on Omaha Beach, with years of memories. “


>>David’s blog

“Little Boy Wonder”

I created this B/W conversion using the Phaunt Beginner B/W Action – for a limited time it is being offered as a free download for the creator’s (Kylie Banks) freebie Friday! (how cool is that?)

You will want to watch the excellent video tutorial first on how to use the PS Channel Mixer to create black and white photos. And make sure to check out her other actions….Great Stuff!

Thank you, Kylie!

(see it larger)

“No Parking”

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