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Tabby Cat

Our new 10 week old kitten…he’s ferocious…I am only partly kidding.

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Whenever I share an image that I have created I feel a bit vulnerable. Each image I create is a part of me…a part that want people to look at, to like and to enjoy. Do you relate to that?

I read a great article today at “The Creative Instinct” titled “Dare to be Disliked“. Andrew Leigh, the author, discusses the following idea: “When it comes to your creative output, if you want to be loved, learn to be loathed.”

I found his writing to be liberating.

Thank you, Andrew.

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Radio Flyer
“Radio Flyer” (larger image)

Have you visited Jason’s blog yet to see the other entries for this week? Go there now….


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This week’s theme is little more personal to me. I have been in a rut and been feeling like I need to make some changes. It’s time to active again, set a goal and start hitting the pavement…

So this week, I am “Switching Gears – Making Changes.”

Geographic Composition #9
“Switching Gears – Making Changes” (larger image)

Please make sure you visit Jason’s new blog and look at the other entries…they’re fabulous!

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Light, Science & Magic…

Light, Science & MagicI am currently reading about 3 books right now. One of those is Light: Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting. It is such a great book and….. I am actually understanding it!

I am finding that reading this book along with the posts over at Strobist, Planet Neil and the One Light Workshop Forum are helping me so much in learning how to light. It is a slow and steady process for sure but the learning is happening. For me it’s all about practice and repetition…after awhile the concepts begin to sink in. It’s encouraging and I am excited to see where I will be in 6 months! I appreciate so much all you helpful photographers who so willing share your knowledge.

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